Bringing the Outlandish Animated World of Adult Swim into the Real World

In late 2017, we received a request for proposal from Adult Swim to produce their first ever Adult Swim Festival the following year. As a big animation fan, this was a project I really wanted to land.  I hustled with my co-workers Heather Rasmussen (General Manager) and Maureen Valker (Business Development) to put together an undeniable proposal for their team to consider and, after a productive meeting at the Cartoon Network offices, we were off to the races!

Working hand-in-hand with the Adult Swim Events and Creative teams, I consulted on the festival layout and decor, designed and developed the initial festival website (with a meticulously css-animated background!), and assisted in creating countless digital and print assets throughout the festival’s marketing cycle.

Client: Adult Swim, Turner Broadcasting
Date: 2018
Services: Creative Consulting
Web Design + Development
Digital + Print Design
Additional Creative Team: Lonie Fink – Developer

Working with the Adult Swim creative team was a pleasure, and I was honored to help bring their unique festival vision to life.

Adult Swim Website - Desktop
Adult Swim Website - Mobile

Ultimately, the inaugural Adult Swim Festival was successful in delivering a memorable, real-life experience to their fans that was distinctly Adult Swim.